The Guruganesha band have come and gone and oh! What fun we had.  Tuesday night was the concert and we rocked to mantra and it was ever so uplifting.   There is something about coming together with a group of 200 people to chant.  Together we create a vibration and uplift one another.  As our hearts open to the vibration we connect and we go deep within the layers of our being.

The GuruGanesha Band has the magic it takes to whisk a crowd into transcendental  bliss.  They bring the vibrations of mantra and express it with rhythms of rock, ballads, gospel and more which carries you to states of boundlessness.  I love watching GuruGanesha play his guitar.  It is so obvious that picking and strumming those strings is where he finds joy.  It speaks in the way his lips curl into a smile, the way his eyes close and his body moves to the beat.  In fact the whole band shares in his passion and it emanates and vibrates through the room, the audience co-creates the experience and it just magic.  All this might sound corny, new agey or weird to some of you but there is a truth to these words that unless experienced are incomprehensible to the intellectual mind.  It must be experienced through the heart.

While Zoe had other commitments to Girl Guides, my little Owen came with Jay and I.  I couldn't help glancing over at him as he chanted along and clapped happily to the beats of mantra.  Kundalini mantras are a big part of my life.  Those are the vibrations that can be heard emanating from my ipod at any given time in my home.  At night in those special bedtime moments my children are lulled to sleep with this heart opening music.  So Owen was familiar with the music but never had been to a live concert.  I was tickled pink to share his first concert with him.  My glances also had me chuckling as just that day he lost one of his top front teeth and he looked so cute singing with a big gaping smile.

The Power of Mantra with GuruGanesha

1000 day meditation
I was ever so blessed to share Wednesday night with 4 of the band members and Tara Cartland the owner of Rama Lotus.  We were up at Jay`s place on the lake in the woods.   We shared a beautiful meal and enjoyed one each others company. I got a guitar lesson from the base player and as the night was coming to a close, had my numerology done by Sat Kartar who is also a guitar player.  With the numbers from my birthday he was able to tell  me some of my personality characteristics.  He started by saying that I am a very positive person but it is something that I have to work at. He is right of course.  At times I do find my mind swimming in negativity and once I am aware of it I shift gears towards the positive.

 My mind did not retain all of the information from my reading but one thing did stand out and that was him saying that it is difficult for me to stick with something for an extended amount of time.  He is right of course.  I do tend shift directions a lot.  Motherhood has curbed that a little.  One thing that struck me was when he stated that it would be a great challenge for me to do a 1000 day meditation. Yes,  there is no typo I did say 1000 day meditation which translates to two years and 84 days.  What does that mean exactly. It simply means choosing one of the hundred kundalini yoga meditations that are available to us and doing it everyday for 1000 days.  In my head I am thinking you are right Sat Kartar that would be a great challenge for me.  Wouldn't it be for anybody?  I have done 40 day meditations and 120 but never even considered a 1000 day meditation until now.   It is that rebellious part of me that says: "If you tell me that I can't well I very damn well will!".  So now I am gearing up to committing to a meditation for a 1000days.   I will share with you the meditation very soon.  I will possibly even have a little video of it :)

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