At 19:09 yesterday we went from spring to summer. It's summer solstice and does it ever feel like.  Does anyone else feel like the wicked witch of the west melting to nothing but shoes?  Well that's how I feel sticky, and hot and loving it.

Yesterday I scraped the White House's siding from it's old flaking paint.  In the hours it took to do this a lot of thoughts drifted through my head.  Here is a little glimpse of them. In psychology it is said that the first born relates more to their father and the second more to their mother.  In my family this rings true.  Growing up I always felt like I was more like my father.  We share a love for the outdoors and adventure.  We also love making things.  On his lot in Corbeil he built the house him and my mother live in, the barn garage and a log cabin. And pulling from a memory here I remember my father paying $200 for the wood from an old barn to build that barn garage.  I helped him take the old barn apart,  stack the wood in his yellow ford and bring it home.   So this all to say that while bits of paint flew around me, I thought of my father and how much of a hard worker he was.   I say was because as life sometimes has it he now walks with a walker and cannot do the things he use to love to do.  And yet he still finds a way to go to the gym everyday, to go hunting and fishing with the boys.  While yesterdays sun was beating down me and the heat tugged at my skin my thoughts drifted towards my father and my love for him.  Thanks dad for all that you have taught. 

I must put an aside here that I also see my mother in me and that she is also a beautiful person with a great generous heart.  It took motherhood to understand her more.  I think that some of you can relate to that. 

Another train of thought was present and that is one of gratitude. I feel so blessed to have this dream come true.  At times it feels so unreal and yet it is my reality.  May you give yourself permission to dream and build on those dreams.  :)

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