New Life for Hockey Posters

Remember the 1972 Canada vs Russia hockey posters and cards?  The ones that were left behind by the previous owners of the White House?  Well we tried to find buyers for them but found out that they are  reprints and worth nothing.  We even tried to give them to charity and failed.  So today we bundled all 1000 of them and set them on the curb with a FREE sign on them.  We hoped  that someone driving by would want them.   

 They looked kind of sad sitting on the edge of the road. I really had doubts that someone was going to stop by and whisk them all away. 

Happy Ending...
A few hours after our job of dumping the dusty posters to the curb I returned to the White House to get something I had forgotten and lord and behold there was a couple loading their car up with the posters!!! I could not believe it.  We had met the couple earlier that day while floating in the kayaks.  They were out for a swim.   They told us that they are getting married on August 11th here on Lac St.Atoine.  They plan on saying their I do`s on a floating dock in the middle of the lake.  How romantic!

What does this have to do with the posters? Well they plan on giving them out at their wedding.   The groom comes from a hockey family and their guests will appreciate the posters that mark part of Canadian Hockey history.  Woohoo!  Things always work out, don't they?

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