You must admit that this weekend has been an A+ for weather.  I am here sitting over looking a lake.  The sun rays are glittering diamonds in the water and there is a slight breeze caressing my sun kissed face.  I feel blessed and happy.

I helped plant 125 cedar trees.  Neighbors came to help and we tagged trees with people's name in their honour.  I planted one for Zoe, Owen, Jay and Me :)  I also planted many more and it was hard work, shoveling, raking, patting, watering and I loved every minute of it.  I loved running my hands through the soil and I loved getting dirt under my finger nails.  Why was I planting so many trees, you might ask?   Well.  It's a secret that I am not ready to divulge.  In time the secret will be revealed but for now I will need to be all secretive and leave you in intrigue.  Let me just say that I am very excited for this project.  It is something that I have been dreaming of, for about a decade.  It seems, to now be materializing in front of my very eyes and I feel so grateful.

I have also been enjoying the luxury of floating on the lake letting the breeze carry me.  I've been swimming and enjoying the cool water against my skin.  I've also been ....

Yes, I have a vernissage in Luskville.  I will be giving 3 art courses at the Pontiac school of Arts and the Vernissage is for people to learn about the artists and to promote our art courses.  Yes, I wet felted a wall hanging and found the perfect frame.  It's an old window frame which I just love.  The paint is so old that it's left cracks and such. It's old, rustic and I love it!  I also made a doll with an intricate face.  Too bad I don't have a photo to show you.

For now I need to curl up in bed, have a good night's sleep and have a great week with my kids and daycare family.  Much love to you!

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