Summer Fun

Ok, summer vacation is just around the corner.  What will your little one be busy with on these warm summer days. Here are some ideas I got from my blog roll.  My blog roll is like my daily newspaper where I get loads of ideas and  inspiration.  Here are some:

  1. These fairy wings are so cute! We might just have to make some at daycare. 
  2.  How about this Duct Tape super easy Hammock?
  3. And for your child's summer reading:  Anna Hibiscus.  I am totally going to the library and getting these for Zoe.
And this weekend we celebrating one of our favorite celebrations, summer solstice.  We will find ourselves at a cottage swimming, soaking up the sun and celebrating with friends and talent show put on by the parents! Here are pictures from celebrations of the past:


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Fine Hand said...

Annie, you take such great pictures! so inspiring!