My weekend

Saturday night's Workermade collective Trunk Show was super fun.  It was great getting to know one another and our greater community.  Stay tuned as we plan on having another in the fall.  After our show I packed up my car (yes it was after10:00 at night) with tent, sleeping bag and stuff to camp in Wakefield.  I have been craving nature and was committed to that infusion.  The drive was 30 minutes long and the tent set up was easy with the help of my headlights. It was my first time sleeping in a tent alone with the trees.  It was lovely.   In the morning I woke up to the sound  of birds, a bright blue sky and beauty all around.  In the woods I can feel stress leaving my body, leaving me relaxed and free.  I went for my favorite skinny dip in the cool lake and went for a walk in the beautiful forest.  There is a place that is filled with wild flowers. I stayed there for a long while, sitting, admiring and taking it all in.  I hope your weekend was most wonderful.


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