Idle Hands and Nuno Felting

 Idle Hands

I had a pretty crafty weekend. Idle Hands was on Saturday at the United Church on Somerset in Chinatown. My table was beside Green Acre Toys created by Amanda Porter.  Amanda and I go way back. Our paths crossed nearly 10 years ago when our first borns were in utero.  We use to live but a few blocks away and were great support for one another as we delved into the world of parenting.  She now lives in a sustainable home run by wind and solar power.  She is a yoga teacher, doula and recently passionate about woodworking and making wooden toys.

Above you can have a little peak at Amanda`s handy work.  

Have a look below at some of the Workermade artisans that will be attending the Trunk Show here at my house on Saturday from 7-10. 

 Eliza  from Indie Go Designs makes fun and funky jewelry.

Judy from Tweal makes great clothing from upcycled fabrics.

Sue from Sweetstitch sews beautiful tea cozies, children`s clothing and more. 
  Feel free to come and visit us on Saturday night here at my  house.  It will be fun.  There will be snacks and wine and good conversation that is a guarantee!

Nuno Felting

On Sunday I had the honour of hosting Petra Bokowski to give a nuno felting workshop.  Nuno felting is the art of binding fibres with wool roving.  On Sunday we worked with long pieces of silk to make scarves.  

I met Petra at the winter craft fair at Churchill public school.  We`d briefly talked and a few months later here she is in my home giving a workshop.  I love how the world works that way.   Unfortunately Petra is moving to Germany, I would love to get to know her better. 

 I love working in a group. To watch everyones work unfold is really an experience of beauty.

Zoe my daughter and I worked on a scarf as a mutual project.  It was really Zoe`s design and she decided that she was going to gift it to someone very special who I won`t mention here in case she is reading this :) It was so nice to work side by side. It seems like a life time since we`ve taken a workshop together.  Zoe was so inspired and has been felting like a queen every since.

I am leaving you now with this link to the cutest tutorial, have fun and enjoy the sun!

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Fine Hand said...

Thanks for mentioning me! the pics from the show are great! sooo inspirational