Project Priceless

Meet Jordan and Brian they are engaged to be married on August 22nd, 2010.  He proposed to her in the Gatineau hills, they are sweet and so in love.  Together they have created Project Priceless an expirement on social kindness.  Their mission is to get married for free.  That`s right at no cost but relying on their communities kindness and donations.   In Jordan`s words: ``The experiment is to see how far kindness and community giving can take us``.  Although there have been cynics those have been the minority.  In the last few months much interest has surrounded this project with many generous offers.   It is so heart warming for me to see people coming together and helping them bring their dreams to fruition.

I first met them at Wed By Hand at the Glebe community center this fall.  My friend Karie from Rehash who was also a vendor at the show told me about this couple getting married for free.  I was like wow that is so cool and immediately felt the urge to donate.  My donation was to host Jordan, Brian, family and friends at my house to make something for their wedding.  They chose to make rosettes that they will place on tree branches and use as center pieces for their tables. 

The workshop was help this past Wednesday and it was so much fun! Jordan`s friend who was also named `Annie Bananie` brought wine and snacks, I supplied hand felted orange and purple pieces of felt for the making of rosettes.  The atmosphere was warm and friendly.  For me these people were strangers but as I sat at the table stitching rosettes I felt a sense of community, friendship and love.  I love giving these workshops as it always feels more and more like a gathering than a workshop.  It`s a safe space to connect and it is through connecting to others that we connect to that deeper part of ourselves.


You can find a tutorial for these rosettes here.

 Jordan and Brian, My wish for you is a long life of love and friendship. Thanks for giving me the honour of helping out and it was a pleasure hearing about your love story.


The GreenLunns said...

Pretty cool stuff Annie. If there is anyone on this planet who will contribute to something like this it is you. What a wonderful gift of kindness! So grateful you are my sister. I learn from you everyday.

Charlotte said...

Annie you have a great sense of "community"....your post and involvement with this cool project beautifully illustrate what "community" means... the rossetes are gorgeous!