Natural Toy and Craft Sale

We all learn in different ways.  I, myself am an experiential learner, get me to do something hands on and it sinks in, I get it and can move forward.  I am assuming that many of us learn in this way.  When we experience something first hand it really sinks in and we learn the cause and effect of our actions.  I saw this first hand this past weekend when Zoe, Owen and I participated in the Natural Toy and Craft Sale in Lady Smith Quebec. The weeks leading up the show we created things with our hands.  Zoe made beautiful felted goodies and cards.  Owen made window stars.  It was nice spending this time together, head to head making stuff.  This step broadened their awareness of how much work and commitment it takes to make things to sell; lesson number 1.

On Sunday morning we packed up the car and drove the 1 1/2 hours into the Gatineau hills to Lady Smith which is but a small town that boasts a cross roads with a gas station, restaurant hotel and community hall where the event was held.  We walked into a beautifully decorated hall with sparkly lights and tables laid down with beautiful crafted works of art.  We were 15 vendors and there were 7 kids tables.  What a great vibe.  Zoe and Owen were quite excited to display their wares.  Owen being excited for his first sale was anxious for his first customer.  He noticed that people came by had a look at his things but did not buy.  One customer said she would be back and so Owen waited for her but she never returned.  That was lesson number 2; people don't always do what they say.

He really wanted to make a sale and decided to take his business by the horns and took the initiative to go around the venue and sell his stuff to the people walking around and sitting at their tables.  As an adult vendor I could not get away with this but as a cute, young boy he got away with flying colours.  His salesman skills payed off and he sold all of his window stars.  Lesson 3: It is beneficial to take initiative in your endeavors. The other children also took his lead.  It was great to see them go around selling their things.  Of course they spent most of their sales buying things for themselves and others.  I guess the next step will be to learn to save a little bit of their profit earned :)

 Zoe at her table hugging a bear, Owen purchased for her.  I wish I had a picture of Owen but he refused.  At times he can be camera shy.

 I love the message written on this shirt by Zoe

 My Annie Bananie table

 Earrings made by Lindsey Ferguson.  You might have heard of her.  She is a local singer from Wakefield.  Her feather earrings are very pretty and I am wearing a pair right now!

Lindsey's new CD release.

 Now check this out. It is a wet felted jacket.  I just love it and plan on learning to make one.  Hannah the artist is a feltmaker from the Wakefield area.  I really liked her and enjoyed our conversations. I plan on going to one of her workshops.

Just Gorgeous!

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Katherine said...

love the feather earrings and hearing about local talent like Lindsey!