Christmas Gnomes

Last night's gnome workshop put a smile on everyone's face.  How could it not look at these guys.  We loved watching their little personalities come out with each poke of our needle  I love the flow of giving workshops.  At times the room is bustling and conversation.  At other times conversation is silent and the only sound is of needles poking into wool.  It's magic.

It's as though they are speaking to me...
 "Be happy with your life".

Be good because santa is coming

"Have fun with your girlfriends"

What do you think this guy is saying?


tweal said...

So darn cute Annie! I think that last guy is saying "I want to go home with Judy" :D

Charlotte said...

I think he is saying "Yes! A few more Christmas Gnomes in the World!" Really enjoyed the workshop last night, thank you Annie. Great tutorial on your awesome blog...felting rocks! x