Pregnancy and giving birth is such a pivotal point in a woman`s life.  I made this for a new mother.  It will be given to her by her sister.   I loved making this doll.  It made me think of my own experiences as a new mother and how giving birth to my own children was such a heart opening experience. 
With the doll comes a card. Here is the inscription...

Like a kiss from the Universe you have been blessed with child. 
May you grow as your child grows. 
May you feel nurtured as you nurture. 
May you relax and let go with every long deep breath. 
May you feel the joy of motherhood and learn from it’s challenges. 
May you see the beauty of life that surrounds you. 
May you recognize your strengths and courage in all that you do.   
You are amazing and so are your children.  
 Breathe, let go, live and let live