September is synonymous with change.  The days are noticeably shorter, the mornings are crisp and there is a hint of leaves changing colour.  Children go back to school and summer is behind us.  In past years I have been ready for the first day of school, craving the routine that school days bring.  This year I have been resisting the change of fall.  I have loved having Zoe and Owen at home with me taking part in daycare happenings. 

Daycare has brought it's own changes with new faces and children starting school for the first time.  We have a great rhythm going and we are loving our grove.   I often find myself feeling so blessed to be living this life that I live.  I am not saying that I don't have my moments of frustration or days of feeling blue because I do.  I am saying that in general life is good.  I am surrounded by great people and have great experiences.  To me life is all about attitude and I am committed to working on a positive one.  Here are little daycare moments:

Maeve is new to our daycare family and ever so sweet.

Ian showing his million dollar smile. He's quite happy to have started school. 

Children love to build and create.

Fresh tomotoes from Big Zoë's garden.

Tomatoes stewing

Homemade Pizza

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