I just got back from 2 weeks vacation.  This year I opted on a staycation where I pitched a tent at my friends cottage in Wakefield.  Our camping spot was on a small, quiet lake and very private. This allowed the days to roll into one another where the days of the week became vague and time seemed to slow down into a slow pace.   I never realize how busy I am until I take the time to do nothing.  My first week's vacation was on my own without Zoe and Owen., while they enjoyed their "Daddy" time I enjoyed my "Mommy" time.  My goal was to relax, read, swim, walk in the woods and spend time connecting with myself and nature.  I am glad to say that I was successful in my mission.

 A Stroll in the Woods
 Found many little treasures by mother nature

Read a great trilogy

 Appreciated the simple things

 Helped a bird who met up with a window pane.  He sat stunned for about 10 minutes and finally found his wings and flew away.

On week two Zoe and Owen joined me in paradise. They were excited to be spending a week outdoors.  They get along so well and I love watching them play.  Since they have two homes they are each others constant and I am glad that they have one another.
Brother and sister hanging in the water

Lately Zoe has been showing signs of crossing that bridge from little girl to tween. Part of me is amazed at her growing up and part of me is sad.  I fear her losing that sense of wonder and magic.  I love that wonder children have for the world.  I love how they dance, sing, draw without reserve, laugh out loud and are so authentic in who they are.
During our week in the woods Zoe appeased my fears by showing that she can still connect with the world of magic.  She proclaimed to be able to talk to trees and she says they are sad for the Earth.  She wrote fairy letters and made a little fairy garden with table, chairs and a bed.  She checked her fairy sanctuary daily and hoped for a reply from the enchanted beings.  She vows to have seen a fairy once and nobody not even her friends at school can convince her that they don't exist.  I loved watching and listening to her adventures in the enchanted world.
 Fairy table, chairs and picnic.

Fairy Letters written in pencil because fairies would never write in pen.

Since we were staying so close to Ottawa we invited our friends to come and visit.   We live a busy life and often wish we had more time to spend with family and friends.  We seized the opportunity and invited our loved ones to visit us throughout the week. 

Sister Mad and niece Avery

Ian and Owen, cousins having fun

Fun in the water with friends

A visit from our furry friend :)

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Michelle Crawley said...

Lovely Annie ...and you really are an amazing photographer! I especially liked the picture and story of you helping the bird. :) xoxo