Plantain, Mother Nature's Band Aid

Let me introduce you to plantain (Plantago Major) which I like to call mother nature's band aid. My children have become very familiar with it. Whenever we are out and someone falls and scrapes a knee they go foraging for a leaf, chew it and put it on the wound. It's astringent properties aid as a mild anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
Last week while we were at McNabb park (we go there often now that it's sunny) we collected plantain leaves to make our plantain salve.
We filled up a glass jar full of the precious leaves.

Once the jar was full of the green stuff we topped it up with olive oil. Now the jar is sitting on our kitchen shelf and will stay there for 6 weeks. Once it's incubation period is over we will strain the leaves from the oil and mix the plantain infused oil with bees wax to make a wonderful salve to use all year round. This salve will hold all the goodness of plantain. It will nurture our cuts, wounds, rashes and dry skin. Thank you mother Earth.
We will blog our salves journey so stay tuned!

If you ever want to spruce up a salad pick 20-30 plantain leaves from your
lawn and cut them into your salad yummy, fresh and nutritious!

Another favorite activity of ours is rolling and running down hills!
Have you tried that lately? It's quite fun.
Have a great one!
Green Blessings to you and yours,
Annie Bananie


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