Another Rainy Day :)

Saddled up with our rain gear we venture out in the rain. There is an adventure to be had wherever we go in all the elements provided. Children love it all and find the joy in everything. Rain, puddles and mud is a great recipe for fun, fun, fun! Through them I learn to be in the moment and to be present to what is presented to me in the now. The children in my life are my little buddhas always showing me the way, always bringing me closer to what's important. To me what's important is forming caring, loving relationships that bring me closer to my core.

"Mommy look I am making mud" - Owen 4

Elodie revels in puddles. She is captivated and runs back in forth in her own world or self discovery.


The GreenLunns said...

Love the photography... and the pics of Ian obviously. :)

Annie Boudreau said...

I am finding me love for photography again. It feels nice like coming home.
I love you sis!