Center Town Community Pot Luck

When people gather around food a festive space is created and that is exactly what we did this Tuesday when neighbors from The Center Town Community came together for a Potluck at Dundonald Park. We had great food, great conversation and great fun! What I enjoyed the most was seeing all the children playing and running around like free spirits.

Please join us again in two weeks. Together let's build community, learn from one another and support the people who form this wonderful neighborhood. Spread the word, all are welcome.

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The GreenLunns said...

Let me know when the next one is and I'll go.

kendra said...

This was such a blast. Thanks so much for organizing it and taking a great picture of the fam! If you wouldn't mind could you email me a copy to kendra_mclellan04@yahoo.com

Annie Boudreau said...

Sure Kendra I would love to send you a picture it's on it's way!