September and Change

September has begun and has brought wonderful changes.  Singing Tree has opened it's doors to new families and we are loving the new energy this brings.   One of the best parts about being a care provided is getting to know the beautiful families in the Ottawa community.  It does feel like an extended family.

Yesterday, we went on a nature walk and it felt so good to collect sticks, rocks, plantain leaves, clovers and pine cones.  Children thrive in nature and I do believe that we as adults need to provide them with ample time among the trees and grass.  Children love to take off their shoes and feel the soft grass on the soles of their feet and the freedom  to run in an open field.  Nature is medicine.

Get out there among the trees, feel the healing energy of nature. 

 I have not said this in a while so I will say it here. I love my life. 

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