My Secret Revealed
Good morning! It is indeed a good morning.  I told you   a little while ago that I had a secret and never did get around the announcing what that mystery was all about.  Well today on February 13th I am ready to let you in on my little announcement.   This afternoon at 14:30 I am climbing into a rattling tin can which is also known as a plane and jet setting into the atmosphere to wild Africa.  Where in this big continent might I be setting foot onto?  The answer is Botswana.  I am going with Jay my friend and lover.  I am so excited as I have never been to that part of the world.  We will have a vehicle and bounce around through the desert observing wild life and sleeping under the stars in our very cozy tent.  I can't believe that I will be seeing big elephants in the wild, hippos in the Okavango Delta and tigers and lions and no bears. We will also be visiting friends who are living there.  You can check out their blog here.

This adventure brings me much excitement and conflict all in one breath.  Funny how life can be like that full of contradictions.  The conflict arises when I think of leaving my children behind. I so wish that I could bring them with me but alas this is not in the cards. I will miss them dearly and what's harder is that they will miss me even more.  Throughout the weeks Zoe has stated how much she will miss me and this breaks my heart.  As my sister says leave the guilt behind as it's not worth going on the trip otherwise.   This year I embark in my adventure to Africa and next year I vow to bring Zoe and Owen to Thailand where we can spend a month away from the western world and learn about life outside of Canada.  But that is a year away and for now I must focus on the now...

Double Digits
Zoe turned 10 on the 10th so we celebrated her champagne birthday with skating on the canal and a girl's sleep over. I really enjoyed spending time with Zoe and her friends.  They are growing up so fast and their awareness of the world is really growing and I can't believe it.   Zoe is my first child so my first experience will all this growing up. 

These girls were a pleasure to hang around with. They have a great sense of humour, help each other out and are kind and helpful.  I love the messages they left on my front window.  If you were to drop by you would be able to read:  "Help endangered animals" - "First nation need equal rights, it's the law".  I love it and I love you Zoe!

Getting ready for this trip has been a lot of work.  I have had to get my shots; typhoid, Hepatitis A and B and got my Malaria pills in my bathroom kit.  Had to organize daycare, finances and so much more. Zoe and Owen will be staying with their father which I think will be nice for them to stay at one house for a concentrated amount of time instead of this bouncing back and forth from home to home.  I am grateful that they have a good father and wish for them a great time with him.

We will have a little mini computer with us so I will take loads of pictures and update this blog as much as I can.  Below I have left you with some affirmations written by a class at Lady Evelyn Alternative.  Last week while I was leaving the school I saw these posted on the wall and my heart gave a little skip.  I am so glad that my children go to a school where these messages are posted on the walls.  Where the messages are written by the very children themselves.  Read the messages below and assimilate them into your heart because even as adults we need to be reminded of these positive affirmations.   Take care and see you soon!

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