Daily Grind

 Wednesdays are my days where I spend time at Zoe and Owen's school from 08:00-09:30, teach baby and mom yoga at 10:00 and then have the rest of my day to do errands or meet people.  This past Wednesday I met a beautiful woman by the name of Suzanne.  She had contacted me a few weeks prior, itching to pick up a felting needle and learn to sculpt wool into creations of her own.  We met at the Daily Grind for my very first one on one workshop.  It was most fantastic.  We had a nice conversation about raising children and our life experiences.  As conversation flowed we created our little gnome creatures.  For Christmas Suzanne and her friends give each other handmade goods and this workshop was an inspiration towards next year's goodies.

 The Daily Grind art cafe was a great place to meet and get creative.   Situated on Somerset very close to Shanghai it is a quaint little cafe with creativity in mind. Other than creating a feeling of a home away from home it offers gluten free goodies, great food, drink and aims to support local artisans which is right up my alley.

As we sat felting and chatting moms and babies came and took up some space around us, talking about parenting and  a nice atmosphere of friendship and community ensued.  I love that feeling of connecting with others and truly believe that connecting with fellow human beings is a way to bring happiness into our lives.

The wheel behind this cute, comfy cafe is  Krissy a mom of 3. She had dreamed of her cafe for over 10 years and she has now manifested her dream.  Congratulations Krissy you are doing one fine job!

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