Busy Baxton

 If you have read the book "The Tao of Pooh" you know what a Busy Baxton is.  A Busy Baxton is someone who runs around being busy unawares of the world around her.  When the Busy Baxton gets to the forest she says:  "Ah! now I can relax, now I can slow down".  Well as of late I am Annie Bananie the Busy Baxton.  I work at daycare, I felt, I blog, I run around doing errands, I teach yoga, do yoga, cook, and last but definitely not least I care for my children.  Oh! Let's not forget that I also try to maintain a sense of self within all of that.  So like the Busy Baxton I went to the country this weekend and felt ever so relaxed and slowed down just enough to take a big sigh of gratitude.

Let me share with you a very special place on this Earth where this Busy Baxton loves to roam and free herself of stress and worries.  It is a little piece of heaven near Wakefield and ever so beautiful.  It is a great antidote to allow the mind to slow down and take inventory.  At a slow pace the walk takes about 1 1/2 hours. 

It begins with a beautiful running stream.  The sound of the water washing over the rocks, rolling down to it's destination is ever so beautiful.  Often I stand on the bridge that hangs over the rushing waves and close my eyes and take it all in. 

As the pebbled path winds up the stream there are pools of water that lie relatively still beside it's sister stream.  This is another place to pause and marvel at the reflection of still water and it's coloured reflections. 

Along the way we find lakes with wild life such as Canadian Geese, Beavers, and my favorite blue herons.

 Up a pebbled path and 30 minutes into the walk I come across my favorite spot where trees gently arch towards each other forming a canopy of greens and beauty.  This is the point where I allow my mind to let go of whatever little bits and pieces it is still hanging on to.  I tell myself to breathe deep, venture forward and see all there is to see.

A Little turtle reminds me to take it slow.

In this season of spring with all the rain we've had, everything is bright green and new growth shows it's pretty little face everywhere.  At the end of my walk I feel good, I feel calm and relaxed.  I promise myself to bring these feelings with me wherever my feet will roam.


Karie said...

Girl, I will never look at a heron again the same way after our experience last summer! Beautiful photos!

tweal said...

Busy baxton - love that! It looks like you chose a really beautiful and serene place to recharge, there's nothing quite like hanging out in nature.

JPStories in Bogotá said...

beautiful... reading the words and seeing the photos made me miss 'home'. thanks for letting me along this wonderful excursion so that i too could enjoy a 'sigh of gratitude'.