Spring Colours

Spring is here and so is the rain.  Droplets keep falling from the sky, the grey clouds hiding the sun that is surely there.  Yesterday was Sunday and I refused to let the dim weather  bring me down.  Finding my adventurous spirit I saddled up on my bike and away I went.  What I noticed along Ottawa's many bike paths were the bright colours of spring. The lime greens of new buds and fresh leaves dangling from branches.  The yellow dandelions blowing in the wind. The muted browns of last years growth cast upon the aliveness of new growth had my heart enchanted.  Spring is here folks and the secret is to get out there rain or shine!

Along the way I saw the bright colours of beautiful tulips.

My legs moved my bike forward and I marveled at the beauty of our city.  We are lucky to live in a metropolis filled with so many spots of green space, bike paths and water.  When I see the news and see all the hardship that people are going through like the floods in Manitoba, the wars and the poverty, I remember how lucky I am to live here in Ottawa in my home surrounded by beauty and the kind people of my community and yes that includes you.


May I encourage you to get our there rain or shine.
May I send you off with blessings of gratitude.
May I wish upon you an open heart and eyes that see all the colours and 
beauty that surround you. 
May the love and courage in your heart prevail.

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JPStories in Bogotá said...

love, love, love. thank you!!!