One box at a time

Last week I sent an e-mail asking people if they had any boxes, ask and you shall receive. I got loads of boxes and still friends are dropping by with great boxes. I truly feel blessed with great friends.

I am taking things one box at a time. Things are being sorted, packed and purged. I love minimizing and simplifying. There is a certain satisfaction in realizing that I don`t need to hold on to things from my past. I am looking forward to this change there is an excitement within me that hasn`t been there for a long time. I am ready for the challenges ahead. They say that moving is one the 3 big stresses. Yes, I feel stressed at times but it`s a happy stress :)

This week, we are painting and cleaning the new place. If you feel inspired to come and help come on down! You will find us at 77 Anderson Street. Cheers!

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