Organic Farm

We spent our long weekend camping in a flower field at an organic farm. This family run farm is in the bush near Westport, Ontario. We had so much fun we didn't want to leave and promised to return in the near future.

The grass was overgrown and sometimes higher than me.

The children played in the great outdoors all day! No toys only animals, dirt and fresh air.

We helped prepare beds of soil for planting lettuce. My greatest joy was seeing the children break away from their play to come and help the adults. Their help was self initiated with no need for parental coaxing. They were intrigued and wanted to be part of the work.

Hmmm, fresh organic veggies.

Feeding the chickens was a fun chore. Zoe and Kiah loved going into the hen house to pick fresh eggs. Sunday morning we ran around the green house trying to catch 3 escaped pheasants. It was so much fun! We finally got them with nets which was the kids idea.

A trampoline was a great attraction and fun for the adults too!

A family of kittens had the children enamored. They cared for the little ones for hours. Their nurturing sides really came out. As soon they woke up in the morning off to the kitten house they would go.

What I loved most about spending time at the farm is watching my children learn that food doesn't come from a package. I loved watching them care for animals and play with such joy in the fields. We definitely will be back soon.

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karie said...

The place sounds awesome! If I come home next year I need you to design my itineray!