I love Halloween.  The kids look so cute in their costumes and I get a kick out of being something other than myself.  I love the walking around the neighborhood meeting people neighbors we wouldn`t usually see, the houses all decked out in their spookiness.  Within all that I do hold a little contention for this ever growing celebration and that is all that sugar that it involves.  Owen who you see above was a ninja and this ninja stuffed his face with candy until he was purple, green and yellow in the face.   

For years I have been trying to consider my strategy on the candy intake.  Do I let them have a couple of candies a day or do I let go of control and let them eat as much as they want so I am not seeing candy for the rest of the year.  They are at the age of candy wisdom now.  It is impossible for me to dump half their loot in the garbage without them noticing.  Garbage throwing tugs at my heart as well,  as it`s such a waste.   I was so glad when Zoe (click her name to see her costume ) told me that her dentist promised to give them $10 for a pound of their Halloween candy.  So there you have it my solution for this year`s candy intake.  Above is my little ninja happily using my scale and weighing out a pound of his candy.  I am behind the camera smiling and happy for this year`s candy solution.   What is your candy strategy.

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inspired moments said...

The super girl costume on Zoe is brilliant, and I love the ninja combo!!! What were you? Happily the kids are still young and love the idea of the candy more than the consumption. We have started a 'tradition' where one candy canbe eaten that night (their choice... we were happy for chocolate cupcakes this year), and then the rest is sorted and at least 3/4 is given away (to people who don't get candy). The small bin remaining is their choice. Isabel chose to give hers out in class. Anaïs's is sitting untouched and forgotten. We will see what happens as they grow. A friend has a tradition with her boys that they can trade in all their candy for a toy.