Handmade Harvest was nearly a week ago. So many great things happened at the show.  On Friday night I met a couple who have a sheep farm.  Yes, a sheep farm.  For me that is big and very exciting.  I've been dreaming of a local wool provider for a while now and have found one!!! Provided everything goes as planned  my felting kits and felted goodies will be even more friendly for this planet we inhabit.   At the moment my providers are from British Columbia and Albert.  I am happy they are Canadian but would rather they be in my backyard.

 Here are a few of the cuties

I am so looking forward to getting my first batch of wool from these guys.   There are so many things to learn and dyeing my own wool is definitely something that I feel driven towards.  So once again the universe has presented me with what I have been asking for, without me really having to do go looking for it.  Thank you universe!

 I was very lucky to be sitting across from Laura Daub a very talented artist.  She makes prints from her paintings.  Each painting has inspirational quotes.  She also makes beautiful ornaments (below) and gives children art classes from her home.  She is  a beautiful person and I loved skipping over to her table for little chats.

All in all the show was a great success. I met great people and left very inspired.  Next you can find me at Idle Hands on November 26th at St. Lukes Church on Somerset.  Drop in and say hi! 

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