I have so much to say that I want to burst.  First of all I must share with you a feeling that I have been living with for a few weeks now.  It is that of happiness. Yes, happiness.  I can say that I am completely and totally in satisfaction with my life.  I have beautiful children and we are on such a great groove.  Last weekend we spent such a great time together crafting and hanging out with my sister and her crew.  I am so grateful for beautiful healthy children and a wonderful sister who is so there for me.  It is with her that I can open my soul and tell her all that lives there.  I know that she will not balk at my most intimate fears but hold them close to her heart. 

My children are a blessing.  I love them so.  Of course it sounds natural to say as every mother loves her children and would do anything for them.  What I am expressing and admitting to you is that when I was first divorced a few years ago, I felt so stressed.  It felt like the rug had been pulled from under me.  It was the biggest challenge of my life so far.  I began to feel feelings of anxiety and had to remind myself to believe and trust that all would get settled and that me and my children would be fine.  That we would find our grounding and that I could support us on my income and provide a great home, education and lots of love.  Within all of the anxiety and stress I struggled with the joys of motherhood.  Although I loved my children I doubted myself and my decisions.  I must say that water has passed under the bridge and me and my family of three feel grounded and that my faith and trust into the universe paid off.  We are living well.  I love the space, the home that we have created for ourselves and I love spending time with my soon to be 7 year old and 9 year old.  We are having lots of fun learning as we grow, me as a 41 year old woman and them as children with great future hopes and dreams.

I have been a daycare provider for 61/2 years.  When I started Owen was 6 months old.  I am lucky to love my job.  I love the women that I work with. I love greeting parents and children in the morning and I love the space that we have created to help support children in their growth.  I have to say that the daycare vibe is really great.  I am grateful for my daycare family and the income that it provides.  Click here for our most recent daycare happening.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of selling my felting kits and felted creations at Idle Hands one of my favorite Ottawa craft shows.  It had such a good vibe and I met some really interesting people and vendors. I get such a kick out of standing at my table and talking to the people who come by.  Some have attended my workshops, some have purchased kits, some I know from teaching yoga or daycare and then there are the people that I don't know and get to know them a little.  My table was situated right at the entrance which was great.  I had lots of room and the vendors to my left and right were great people.  The vendor to my left sold preserves and she was the sweetest girl.  She does lots of charity work in the city and it so nice. I wish I could remember her name and have a link to her but in my business of the show I forgot to get her card!  To my right was a fiber artist.  Tonia Weber is partners with Laura Twiss and is an amazing artist.  They make nuno felted scarves and clothing, wet felted hats, and flower pins.  They dye their wool into beautiful vibrant colours and both have great vibrant personalities.  I felt very inspired with a chat I had with Tonia and  plan on contacting her for wet felting and dyeing knowledge.

2012 is around the corner and I plan on learning new things and expanding my creative skills. It's going to be a great year!

There is more to be grateful for but I will sign off now. There is warm soup on the stove and a good book to read in the tub.  All the above to say that life is good and I am loving my 40's!  Blessings to you and your family. 


Charlotte said...

Ah, Annie so lovely to hear your gratitude. You are so generous and open with your thoughts and feelings. You are great! Keep enjoying life as it really is a gift. See you soon for Gnome felting! Love Charlotte x

inspired moments said...

Brilliant. Your joy, your gratitude, your faith, your love... you radiate a sense of peace in all that you say and do. I now there has been stress, and perhaps the waves of this may return... yet as you said, with your trust in the universe your have moved through all the anxiety in to the light... and you always will. I feel honoured and so blessed to know you... for the incredible woman, mother, provider that you are.