Santosha Adventure-Yoga Camp

I am on another adventure of learning and growing!  I am planing and organizing a fun  unique  summer camp with a creative team of professionals! Read the synopsis below and have a look at the website.  My life is so amazing as I am always offered these great opportunities to have fun and grow with! Blessings to you!

"SANTOSHAYOGA CENTER which opened 6 months ago at 298 Elgin St. at Gilmour invites 16 lucky children to participate in it's first ever - SANTOSHA RADIANT CHILD ADVENTURE-YOGA CAMP (6 to 10yrs.)! Your child will spend a beautiful summer exploring their "creativity" through “unique expression” within the world of art, music, yoga, acting and dance. (1 wk. 1 month or 10 weeks.) Info./bookings: 613-237-7447  /"

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