List of Excellent Adventures:
June 28- June 30th – 3 day week. (Camp is closed for July 1st and 2nd)
Summer Camp Begins! - Work together and live together in harmony. Get to know one another through co-operative games and an introduction to yoga. This week will set the tone for the following weeks of creative exploration.  Campers will discuss, share and discover what creativity and passion means to them.  They will walk away with an understanding of what it is they feel “passionate about.” They will feel empowered to walk to the beat of their own drum, and feel free to be themselves!  Together we will have a look at the coming weeks of the camp and campers will give their input. They will be pioneers and leaders in the very first Santosha Yoga Camp!
Campers signed up for this week get a free t-shirt!

July 5- 9th
Musical Beings, find your beat!  Drumming, enviro beats creating instruments with things around us, learn to play the jembe, didgeridoo and jam.  We will select a charity of our choice and a fundraiser will begin with our talent show at the end of the week. A trip to the Museum of Civilization completes the week.

July 12th- 16th-
Inhale! Exhale! I Express myself!- Have fun with a local music teacher and learn how to sing.  Learn the art of communication, through the art of listening. We will invent our own songs and sing them and learn the art of story telling. The week will end with an adventure to Little Rays Reptiles Zoo where we will see amazing animals!

July 19- 22nd
Smile Week! Turn your frown upside down :) Smiles will shine from ear- to- ear as we learn the art of face painting, and hooping. This week’s adventures will be coordinated with the Annual Ottawa Busker's Festival on Sparks Street. Wednesday is “Little Red nose day” and we will be having so many laughs when we meet a clown and dress up. Our smile will spread to the local community!

July 26-29th
Green Week! Let’s take Action! It's fun to be green as we adventure to the Byward Market, take a nature walk through Fletcher Park Ottawa's very own nature reserve and explore the new exhibits at the Museum of Nature.  We will also celebrate indigenous people throughout the world, brain- storm on ideas to spread awareness in our local community and create posters that reflect this awareness. August 19th is World Nature Conservation Day which we will celebrate at Brewer Park.

Aug. 2nd- 6th (Long Weekend) CLOSED ON Aug. 2th.
Healthy Beings! How good we feel when we eat a healthy diet, are physically active and emotionally balanced.  A week filled with yoga, anatomy and physical activities such as soccer, track & field day, swimming at Plant Bath and more activities that promote a healthy state of being.   August 3rd is Friendship Day and we will create friendship cards which we will later distribute as volunteers at a local home for the elderly.  It feels good to help others! We end the week with an amazing healthy raw food lunch on Friday.

Aug. 9- 12th
Performing Arts!  Ready, Set, Action!  A great week of creative expression! Work as a team to write a script, direct and perform!  We will also adventure and see behind-the-scenes of a real production  and performance.  International Youth Day is August 12th and August 13th parents can come and be spectators at our play!

Aug. 16th-19th
Creative Beings - Art is all around us!  We will celebrate world photography day with a visit to the photography museum and learn to observe picture making and it's elements.  A professional photographer will show us new skills and information on how to use light and composition. We will see a dark room where photos are developed.  Discover the beauty of fine arts with a visit to the Art Gallery.  Play with different mediums of art such as felting, painting, sketching and photographs.  The week will finish by turning Santosha Elgin Yoga Studio into our very own art gallery!!!
Aug. 23rd-27th
Dance! Dance! Dance! - Jazz, hip-hop, creative movement, feel the energetic flow of your limbs and body.  Become a dance being and take classes this week with a skilled and qualified professional dance teacher.  Learn to move and groove to different beats and dance disciplines.  Adventure to Victoria Island to witness our own native dance moves with a pow wow and special picnic.
Aug. 30 – Sept. 3(last week before school)
Magic is all around us!  Bring your favourite book ! We use our imaginations and talk about magic. We learn about botany and the power of plant life that surrounds us! Did you know that plantain, that weed in our grass, is nature's band aid?  Read the infamous Harry Potter as a group, discuss and review! Adventure to 5305 Bank Street to Radical Science where hours of fun experiments await!

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