Still here

Yes, I am still alive, thank goodness because I still have a lifetime to live.  Things are great here on my little place here on this planet.  My return from adventure Botswana has been uneventful save for the fact that I am resisting the business of life.  It takes removing myself for 3 weeks to realize how busy I really am.  I am re-evaluating, taking stock and assessing my strategy plan to get things done stress free.  

This evening I have been having a blast editing my photos from my trip and it is great reliving it again.  Looking over at my 1500 pics, yes I am serious,  I am reminded of how wonderful it was to be out in the wilderness of Africa.

You might wonder how Zoe and Owen have reacted to my return after a 3 week absence.  Well Owen came through the door noticed me and beamed me the biggest smile, wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled his nose into my belly.  Then I looked up to greet Zoe expecting her to be as happy as I but alas I got a turn of the head that said I am angry.  It is amazing what we convey without using a single word.  I am trying to avoid falling into the mother guilt thing but most admit that at times it does get the better of me.

Well that was 2 weeks ago and we have made headway since then.  I must admit though that I am having to work on being the mother of a preteen.  It is a hole different ball game and the learning curb is a little steep.  She is growing so fast and it is hard for me to catch up. 

It is now pushing towards midnight and I should put this little head down to sleep as tomorrow is a whole new day with new adventures.  A few more before I let you go. Can you believe that we have skipped spring and sprung right into summer.  My bike and I are friends again and it is soooo sweet.

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