Change is inevitable.  It is demonstrated all around us through the changing of the seasons, the turned pages on our calendars, the lines on our faces and the growth of our children.  Sometimes I seek change and feel a great need to experience something new and exciting like travelling or watching winter melt away and spring come to life.  The change that I am finding difficult as of late is the growth of my children.  Zoe is now 10 and I cannot believe that my little girl that I once breastfed and held in my arms for hours is now almost as tall as me with her own ideas about life and how things are.  I am completely resisting this growing up business.  I want my baby back!

I came upon this quote from the book "The New People Making" by Virginia Satir:

"Nurturing parents realize change is inevitable: children change quickly from one stage to another, nurturing adults never stop growing and changing, and the world around us never stands still.  They accept change as part of being alive and try to use it creatively to make their families still more nurturing."

This made me realize that I must grow up myself and finish the mourning of my baby girl and get with the times.  She is growing up and I must change along with her and keep nurturing her in the ways that she now needs.  Over March break Zoe attended Horse Camp at Davalon Farms in Richmond.  It was beautiful to see her blossom throughout the week.  She fell in love with her horse named Kit and I saw a glimpse of that magical little girl as her grin spread across her face.  It was a joy for me to pick her up at the end of the day and hear her stories and feel the excitement of a new found passion.  In this way I am embracing this age.


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