How to Build a Global Community

Unpacking I came across this and thought I would share.

How to Build a Global Community

Think of no one as "them"
Eat Adventurously
Don't confuse your comfort with your safety
Talk to strangers
Question consumption
Imagine other cultures through their poetry and novels
Learn a second (or third) language
Listen to music you don't understand
Dance to it
Act locally
play games from other cultures
Notice the workings of power and privilege in your culture
Learn physical and political geography
Notice the workings of power and privilege in your culture
Know how your lettuce and coffee are grown
Look for fair trade and union labels
Question nationalism
Visit people, places and culture not tourist attractions
Learn people's history
Re-define progress
Know your heritage
Look at the moon, Imagine someone else, somewhere else, looking at it too.
Understand economics in terms of people, land and water.
Never believe you have a right to someone else's resources
Honor indigenous cultures
Refuse to wear corporate logos
Acquire few needs
Question military-corporate connections
Don't confuse money with wealth or time with money
Be skeptical about what you read
Have a pen-pal or email pal
Enjoy vegetables, beans, and grains in your diet
Choose curiosity over certainty
Know where your water comes from and where your waste goes.
Pledge allegiance to the earth
Think South, Central and North

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