In time seeds grow into stems, stems into leaves, to flower into vegetables and fruit. This spring Naomi, Sarah and their children had a tangible experience of plant life. They planted seedlings and through the summer cared for the plants and watched them grow.

Today we journeyed to their garden which is situated behind Umi Cafe. This mecca in the heart of center town is a community initiative. Immediately upon arriving we found ourselves having fun in the abundance of nature's gift. Plants were taller than the children and they loved walking through the tall stalks. Big and small, green and red tomatoes dangled from their stems, small hands grasped the fruits. Some tomatoes found themselves into baskets and others fed hungry bellies.

The journey from a seedling to a nutritious food is what we as care givers want to impart on our young ones. Also, what a great way to learn about biology and the workings of mother nature by being part of the process and living the experience.

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