My felting studio in the hills near wakefield are complete and I am so very excited to invite you the very first wet felting workshop in this space.  Picture a beautiful quiet lake, a beautiful building, green grass and wonderful people.  Oh! yes and continue read below for the twist in this workshop.

Wet Felting Workshop with a Twist

Immerse yourself with a day of creative expression as you wet felt a wall hanging, play mat or mediation mat. Wet felting is the art of using raw wool, hot water, soap and friction to create a piece of artwork. It is easy, fun and a great thing to do in a group of people. As your hands get busy loosing yourself in your work, conversation is made with ease. It is my experience that people leave these workshops happy and fulfilled.

Investment: $80/includes supplies, lunch and much inspiration

Time: 10:00 am - 16:00pm

Place: The Whitehouse in Val-des Monts near Wakefield. This magical place is on a lake and it's quiet and beauty brings you into a meditative space. Address will be given upon registration.

To join please contact me via email;
or call me: 613-240-1845

Thanks so much!!! I hope to welcome you into my felting studio for much inspiration.

What's the twist you might ask?  Well, in this special, fun workshop you can arrive early or take a break from wet felting for a massage by Erica Sainsbury a Registered Massage Therapist.

  I feel relaxed just by thinking about it :)

Here are the details...

Let a soothing massage help you leave the city behind, and nourish your creative energy!

Massage Menu:

-20min lower leg and foot treatment $40
-30min chest, neck, head and face treatment $50
-45min focused therapeutic and/or relaxation treatment $70
-60min focused therapeutic and/or relaxation treatment $90

*all treatments are covered under most extended health plans as 'Registered Massage Therapy'. Receipts will be provided post-treatment.

**for those who do not have extended health coverage, or any massage coverage under their plan, please contact Erica ( to discuss discounted prices.