About Me

As a child my playground was the forest, the water, the snow and whatever else nature offered to entertain me with. Through my explorations I learned to love nature and its enchantment. Now as a mother of two and a childcare provider I aim to bring to children’s hearts a love and respect for the beauty around them.

I love crafting beautiful things. Creating
makes me happy! I love getting to know the plants that surround me. I love celebrating through ritual and gathering with others. I love teaching yoga and inspiring people through the breath that which gives us this experience on earth. So here in these pages you will find threads of all these things. You will find a plethora of creative ideas and fun activities for you and your loved ones. I will share craft ideas with seasonal themes, traditions and rituals that I do with my family. When I say ‘family’ I include myself and my 2 children (ZoĆ« 7 and Owen 4). Also included are my 4 daycare children ( Ian 2, Elodie 2, Sasha 3 and Matisse 3). Sometimes my writings will also extend to my friends and family.

I live in the city and yet I find ample opportunity to provide tangible experiences that lend themselves to enriched experiences of nature. My aim is to inspire others to respect and live close to the forces that may be. Please join me on my journey!

In order for me to grow I need your comments and feedback so please send me some!


sroske said...

i find twitter cool for quick exchanges.

Jen M said...

Wow! I am excited to read on! Thanks for including me in your invitation to follow your blog!