Big Kid At Heart

This is the thing, I am a big kid at heart.  I love to play, create and learn. What a better way to express these needs through being with children all day.  At daycare I can play my guitar out of tune (instrument and voice) and I am a rockstar.  I can make funny faces and get laughs.  I can paint, draw and be expressive.

It is an honour to spend my days with young children.  The joy of watching them learn new words and observe their personalities unfold is priceless.  I also love to see, little feet running towards mommy and daddy,  at the end of the day.  The joy these moments bring are uplifting and heart warming. Children's love is pure and innocent.  If only we could be more like them.   Well, we were just like them, many moons ago, maybe it's not too late, to get some of that back.

A child's love is unconditional

Inside of you there is still innocence, love and wonder. 

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