Falling in Love

Often I  roam the parenting world with blinders.  I navigate the waters with a thinking that I know my children, their strengths, their great qualities and their tender spots.  With these preconceptions I interact with them and parent.  Then sometimes they say or do something that completely blows me out of the water and I stare at them with new eyes.  It's like I am seeing them for the very first time, like they are new children that I am discovering.  In these moments my mind goes blank and my heart opens and for a glimpse of a moment I see them for who they truly are. Their light shines through and they touch me in a very deep way.  I had a lot of those moments this past weekend.  We spent  a lot of  time by ourselves by a beautiful lake swimming, talking, reading and being together. There were no distractions just us, trees and water.  It felt so good to connect in this way.

Owen amazed me with his mud creations.

Zoe loves art and is always amazing me with her view of the world. It is so insightful and often and I must act upon her advice as it is so wise.

We celebrated Canada Day in Wakefield.  Our family friend gave Zoe and Owen a handful of flags to give to other children.  Zoe was too shy so the responsibility fell on Owen who took it with pride.  It was the sweetest thing to watch him approach children and offer them a flag.  Some refused his offering and he took all in stride. 

That night we sat around the fire and told stories and sang songs.  There were so many songs that my children shared with me that I didn't know and didn't know that they knew!!! I was flabbergasted and so grateful for the time spent together.
Here is a song that Owen shared with us.  It is really cute. 

There are no bananas in the sky, in the sky
There are no bananas in the sky
There's the stars, the moon and a coconut cream pie
but there's no bananas in the sky!

I love falling in love with my children all over again and again.  They hold my hand as I walk the path to inner growth.  Through them I see myself more clearly: my strengths and my weaknesses come through giving me a platform from which I can work upon. Thank you Zoe and Owen for all that you are and all that you bring to me. Love Mommy.


Laura Daub said...

How beautiful!

inspired moments said...

Simply delicious. You are a phenomenal mama... a spectacular soul.

inspired moments said...

p.s. I meant to note we have the CD (music with marnie)...she is Canadian and her songs are AWESOME. My kids adore them. Miss ya.