Bubbling Brook

Yesterday was a magical day for me.  I spent the day and night by myself, no kids, no friends just me.  I crafted, sang, danced and even shed some tears.  What stands out the most was sitting  on that brown bench beside the bubbling brook. The sun shone through the trees. It seemed like it's beams were intentionally directed at me to keep me warm.  I sat there felting and paused to meditate.  When I closed my eyes all came to a standstill and my awareness opened to the sing song of birds and lulling sound of running water.  I took deep breathes of fresh spring air and felt deep contentment for my life.  I truly am happy with life.  I love where I live, I love my work, I love my children and I love the people in my life.  There is nothing more that I need than what I have right now in every moment. 

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